COVID-19 Update from our Director, Cheri McCutchen:

To our Blessing Barn customers and supporters,

Although The Blessing Barn has been deemed essential since the beginning of the shutdown, we chose to close until we could ensure practices that provided for staff and guest safety. We have had time to make some safety modifications and have chosen to reopen in a modified fashion because many of our customers cannot afford Target or Walmart and have come to rely on us for their essential needs. Many have partnered with our Compassion Crisis Center for free shopping. Although we have offered limited hours for this we realize that to do our best we must reopen. Please read below our soft reopening modifications:


Here are our guidelines for our modified soft reopening. We want you to follow the same practices you follow at Target or the grocery store.


  1. Customers must follow all in-store safety signage or may be asked to leave
  2. Customers will be asked to wear masks/face covering or will be denied entry
  3. Customers must maintain social distancing and follow all safety signage
  4. Customers will be asked to refrain from using our community room for social gathering
  5. Customers will be asked to wait outside if our store’s customer count exceeds safe distancing opportunities
  6. Customers are asked to touch only those items they are considering purchasing


Monday – Friday: 10am – 4pm
Saturday: 10am – 5pm


*DONATIONS*: Please VISIT OUR DONATIONS PAGE for current donation hours!


We can’t wait to see you and we appreciate your patience during this time! Email or private message us with any questions. Thanks you!

The Blessing Barn

The Blessing Barn Home Store is our thrift store and sharing center in Mendon, MA. All items sold are donated by people in the community. The profits of the sales at our store go directly into the community by sponsoring our crisis care programs operated by our Non-Profit, Compassion New England.


Store Hours:

Mon -Fri: 10am – 4pm

Sat: 10am – 5pm

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